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personel bio pic (Donna Pinter): Donna participates in the Aquarius Big Psychic Fair the first weekend of each month in Roswell. She also sees clients in her home and does phone sessions. If you are ready and willing to make changes in your life and need some guidance or to clear out old patterns that no longer serve you, then contact Donna.

In the Beginning:

Donna Pinter is a gifted intuitive, spiritual teacher, transformational healer and artist. She works directly with a group of Ascended Masters, she refers to as the "Blue Ray Healers." For Pinter, the act of painting is a spiritual as well as transformative experience. Her life and her art are woven together with her own personal search for the truth.

Donna had her first one-woman show, sold her first painting and had her first review at the tender age of 11. She always wanted to be an artist, and at the age of 7 she took a field trip to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine arts and she found her passion.

Donna’s intuitive abilities also developed as a young age.

The Growing Years:

Growing up in the country in the house that her grandfather built, Donna had lots of time to study the fields around her home. “I was the youngest of three children, my brothers were off to college by the time I was 4 years old. I used to pass the time drawing. I even had a studio in the basement on the old dining room table.”

A graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, as well as York Academy of Arts, she received many awards and scholarships. After moving to Atlanta, she continued her study at the Atlanta College of Art. This early recognition opened the door for a rich and fulfilling art career. Over the past twenty-five years she has been in more than 50 group exhibitions and has had at least 30 one-woman shows. She has won many awards for her work and is well respected throughout the art community.

Along with Donna’s art, her intuitive abilities continued to develop and she began to practice her gift and to help others.

Where we're going:

Today, there is no difference from the intuitive and the artist, for Donna has blended her talents and gifts.  “I’m interested in what lies beneath the surface or just beyond the bend in the road; the seen and the unseen, our conscious and unconscious mind.” All of her work shows movement and an intense love of color.

“The roads in my painting reflect my journey, my lesson here on earth. When they first appeared in my work they were dark and one could hardly see the road from the trees. Now I have Vista and Cyprus trees that stand like sentries reaching their limbs right up to heaven and guiding my path. The gold and silver leaf gives these very earthy spaces an otherworldly feeling. By contrast, my paintings of the Japanese Koi have become even more real. Could it be that the seen and unseen spiritual, and what we call reality, is really one and the same?”




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